USA Trace - Ripped off.

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I paid their 37.99 fee for a SSN trace but was never given the information. I tried calling customer but the number goes directly to a voicemail and no one returns your call.

I also tried to follow up with and email only to get no response from their customer service department. It's a total scam. This should be illegal. How can a company register via PayPal and except payment through a protected sight is beyond me.

Take my advice, steer clear from this fictitious company. I plan on filing a complaint with the better business bureau in the morning.

Monetary Loss: $38.



Dear Anonymous:

Our company has a very generous refund policy. If your refund was not processed, it was due to the fact that we did not have identifying information for your order.

Due to the volume of orders coming in and the fact that we use a third party to handle payments and processing (for security purposes and peace of mind for clients - we never are in possession of your credit card information), we need one of two items to process a refund through our 3rd party payment processing:

1) A 10 digit invoice id (not the paypal transaction number)

2) the email that you use to log into your paypal account (the paypal primary user id)

If we have that information we can initiate the process a refund. We have been notified that there are occasions when our emails go to a client's spam folder. Some clients may never notice we have been trying to contact them and are unaware their user id and password went to spam. Some of our clients do not notice in the terms that it is their responsibility to download their report off the site and that reports are not sent via email.

We will always post a report, and when we cannot locate enough information to post a report, it is always our practice to issue a refund or perform a search on a different subject if the client wants to use the credit on another search. Regarding your comments on voicemail: We indicate in the recording an email address where you may contact customer support to receive priority attention. We also indicate that you cannot leave voice mails at the number you call. For anyone that would like to hear that, please call 214-636-2414.

If you did not receive a report, we are very happy to research account activity and refund you. Please send a message to For priority attention please enter your invoice id in the subject line. For anyone that is concerned about the service due to this post, please contact the Better Business Bureau (Dallas Office).

There is also a link on our site - The company is under QuickLocators, LLC.

We follow the terms and conditions we promise our clients at and look forward to resolving your issue if you contact us again. Thank you, USATrace Customer Support

Usa trace won't stop charging card

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Not resolved

I filed a report in Feb 2011 , about the rip off at usa trace, It seems they have many web sites with different names, they bill you from different web sites they own and you can't stop them.There is no phone to call and email is answered in 48 hours but with no information or how to stop them. C I S International is one more of many corrupt sites.

If you have any legal things to talk to them about you have to go to Boston Mass.

By signing their contract you cannot opt out. They billed me again on March 28,2012



This is an add on to above complaint.Here is a list of 61 + sites all connected for predatory collections.

Using any of these traps you in.


Not resolved

Company is to find people. They took my 39.99 and gave me no report, they do not answer their phone number,they do not answer their email, they have a BBB icon to click but it is not working, so they are using the BBB but not a member, They do not have a support or help clickable place.

Their site is very hard to navigate for a reason. Once USA trace .com gets your money , thats it.

You can not email them unless you use their form, and it is useless. Their phone says there is no one there but you can leave a message that will not be answered

Monetary Loss: $39.



It sounds like you subscribed to a membership that you never cancelled. You can cancel a membership at any time.

Generally, clients sign on as members because they will be purchasing bulk searches. That would be the only reason why because the cost of the membership in addition to the discounted report is more than the one-time non-member report. We apologize that this point did not get across when you ordered.

Now we must ask what constitutes bad info?

Most of our clients are very happy with what we provide. All we can do is promise you WHAT we will search for and include it in the report IF it is found. We do perform the searches fully, but if public records are not reporting the information, there is nothing else we can do. Another thing to take into account: we can only report what a subject reports on himself/herself.

If a subject is attempting to hide, doesn't use credit cards, does have utilities or other public services in their name, they may be very difficult to locate without the services of a private investigator. That is not what we do. We provide information that is found in public records. We cannot tailor our services to the subjective needs of a client with the general report, but we do have a section where you can request a customized report and let us know exactly what you want.

If you cannot provide it, we are very forthcoming with that information.

It has been our practice to offer a free search within 1-2 months. Sometimes you will see changes and updates to information. If you did not get what you wanted and you did not contact us by email as the voicemail suggests, there is not much we could have done to help you.

We apologize that you were unhappy with our services.


This is an update on, in Feb2011 they charged my $39.95 for very old bad info,now in March 2012 They billed me again for $20.00. What for I do not know.There is no way to stop them from using your credit card over and over again.

You cannot get hold of the corrupt web site. If you want to take them to court you can't cause you signed the contract.

In their contract if you visit one of their many web sites of different names you are charged for going there. Easy money for these crooks.


Has anyone else used this? I was just thinking about trying it....

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